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Black trans woman murdered in New York City

Rachel Badham July 30, 2020

Police in New York City are seeking information regarding the murder of a black trans woman last weekend. The victim’s identity has not yet been officially confirmed, but reports suggest her name was Tiffany Harris, although it is not certain what her preferred name was.

According to reports, she was attacked in the early hours of the morning on Sunday 26 July and was pronounced dead 45 minutes after sustaining the injury in an apartment building in Kingsbridge Heights.

Those who knew the victim described her as a ‘beautiful soul’, and she is now one of at least 23 transgender people who have, according to the Human Right Campaign, been killed this year in violent attacks. The majority of these victims were black women, and many of the crimes were not widely reported.

In 2020, there has been a resurgence in interest in the Black Lives Matter movement, and a subsection of it dedicated to promoting gender intersectionality within the campaign. A Black Trans Lives Matter march took place in London in June, with those taking part telling the BBC they wished to raise awareness of black trans lives which had been lost and to celebrate the often-discriminated-against black trans community.