Birmingham Pride launches partnership to introduce core services for trans adults

Graham Robson March 30, 2023

Birmingham Pride has launched a new partnership with Not a Phase, the national charity focussed on supporting trans adults. Current estimates provided by Birmingham City Council suggest that there are over 500 000 trans people in the UK, with over 9,000 trans people living in Birmingham.

According to data, trans adults and young people are between 1.5 and 3 times more likely to report self-harming thoughts and behaviours than their non-trans (LGB) peers. Trans people are also reported less likely to meet the recommended physical activity guidelines of 150 minutes per week than cisgender males and females.

Barriers to trans people participating in physical activity and sport centre around anticipated transphobia and gendered norms. Facilitators to trans people’s participation in sport include high self-esteem, high body satisfaction and trans-specific groups.

This partnership will see the introduction of core support services for trans adults in Birmingham. This partnership will bring Not a Phase’s Misfits fitness programme into Birmingham, creating an exclusive fitness space for trans people based in the heart of Birmingham’s LGBTQ+ Village.

Eva Echo, Birmingham Pride’s Director of Innovation, commented “This partnership will help to lift Birmingham’s trans community and empower them to not only take pride in themselves but also take their rightful place within Birmingham’s progressive and dynamic LGBTQ+ scene.

“We want to empower the trans community to get involved with issues that affect them, and create opportunities for the community to get involved with positive change.”

Dani St James, CEO of Not A Phase, added: “Not A Phase is a grassroots organisation that listens to the needs of its community. This new partnership will allow Not a Phase to provide much needed services for trans community across with the West Midlands alongside Birmingham Pride.”

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