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Bill Puddicombe, executive director of the Sussex Beacon, comments on merger between the charity and Peer Action

Graham Robson November 23, 2022

Bill Puddicombe, executive director of HIV charity the Sussex Beacon, has commented on the forthcoming merger between the Sussex Beacon and Peer Action.

From January 1, 2023, the two charities will work together to create a place within the Sussex Beacon’s organisation, where the peer led nature of Peer Action’s work will be preserved. The Sussex Beacon will use its resources where possible to facilitate the continuation of current activities and the addition of new ones.

Bill Puddicombe said: “On the January 1, 2023, Peer Action will be merging with the Sussex Beacon. Peer Action is a local charity, led by its members, that provides social, learning and therapeutic events.

“The Sussex Beacon is looking forward to working with the Peer Action members to continue the activities and build for the future.”

“Keep an eye out on the Peer Action page of the Sussex Beacon website for updated events and new opportunities for 2023.”