Barnardo’s celebrate success of anti-homophobic bullying schools programme

Barnardo’s celebrate success of their anti-homophobic bullying programme in LGBT History Month.

Barnardo’s, the UK’s largest children’s charity, has supported more than 3,500 people through anti-homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying programmes in schools across Yorkshire & Humberside in just nine months.

The figures for Barnardo’s Positive Identities service, which is funded by the Government Equalities Office and supported by the Department for Education, include 177 sessions delivered in 60 schools. By March next year, it will have worked with more than 200 schools.

The sessions provide school staff with the knowledge, confidence and resources to proactively challenge prejudice and discrimination, to support LGBT+ pupils, staff and families and to ensure their school environment and curriculum is inclusive of a diverse range of identities.

All schools receive training to raise awareness and knowledge among staff around LGBT+ identities and how these can be incorporated into a school environment to promote inclusivity and reduce bullying.

Evaluation forms completed after sessions have shown that participants are much better able to identify and respond to issues of discrimination and support pupils around gender and sexual identity.

As well as the training courses, Barnardo’s offers policy reviews and guidance on how discriminatory bullying should be recorded and responded to.

In addition, Barnardo’s Positive Identities service offers bespoke training to a variety of organisations, including healthcare providers, police services, community and youth groups and education providers on a commissioned basis.

Javed Khan

Javed Khan

Barnardo’s Chief Executive Javed Khan, said: “Bullying at school is bad enough, but when young people are singled out because of their sexuality or identity it can be particularly painful and damaging.

“Barnardo’s champions equality, diversity and inclusion and not only helps young people to be themselves, but also raises awareness about LGBT+ issues so they can also be supported by their peers.

“Equality and inclusion are at the heart of everything the charity does – from the way we support children and young people to who works or volunteers for us. Building a diverse Barnardo’s is a core part of our ten-year corporate strategy.”

The figures have been released during LGBT History Month which seeks to promote equality and diversity for the benefit of the public which is being supported by Barnardo’s.


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