BAR PERSON PROFILE: Luke Beachey @Charles Street

The first person many LGBT+ folk meet when they arrive in the city is the bar person at their local LGBT+ venue. These gatekeepers to the community provide an important role both befriending and signposting new arrivals to the city. Gscene finds out a bit more about them and what makes them special.

What exactly is your title at Charles Street. Are you a manager?
I’m a bar person. Some people might say the life and soul of Charles Street. Some….

Where do you come from?
I’m from Cardiff! Though I lost my accent a few years ago.

What brought you to Brighton?
I came here to study fine art and stayed here ever since. Dreams partly diminished. Sardonic nature intact.

Oddest thing you’ve been asked for?
Comfort and a sympathetic ear.

What’s the worst kind of punter?
People who ask for coffee during happy hour, wave money in my face, snap their fingers, call me geezer and last but not least…lads on tour. 

What do you do when it’s quiet in the bar?
Contemplate where I went wrong.

Do you know the difference between gin and vodka?
What’s a gin and vodka? I’m kidding… ones for people who pretend to listen to vintage vinyl records and the other is for people who hate alcohol.

Do you prefer to be shaken or stirred?
Shaken awake every time.

Can you pull a pint?
I do struggle.

Whats your favourite tipple?
A cappuccino.

What makes you roll your eyes?
EVERYTHING. If there was a Golden Handbag for eye rolling and little other facial movement I would win year after year. But, if you want a specific example I would say those who assert their masculine authority by wanting to bump fists over the bar… no honey. No..

Are those really your photos on Grindr?
That will be my doppelgänger.

What makes a perfect bar person?
World weary eyes and lovely teeth.

Where do you like to go out when you’re not working?
The Marlborough

Tell us a secret about yourself?
I’m a witch;)

What’s your nickname behind the bar?

What gets you swinging your hips?
Female rock music of the 90s.

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