In The South

Anti-trans UK action

Besi Besemar February 5, 2019

A group calling themselves ReSistersUnited has claimed responsibility for alleged anti-trans-women protests across the UK.

THE campaign, which targeted significant monuments in towns and cities across the country including Brighton & Hove’s Peace Statue, The Brighton & Hove AIDS Memorial, The Victoria Statues in Valley Gardens and Grand Avenue and two of the pediment statues at the Clock Tower, involved draping banners and t-shirts across them bearing the statement Woman, Women, Noun – an adult female. There was also a banner draped across the A23 on entering the city.

The dictionary definition of woman used in this way has become associated with activists who oppose the social progression of transgender women and suggested legal gender recognition reforms .

Events took place over night nationally and included the targeting of statues commemorating Queen Victoria, The Duke of Wellington and the late singer and television personality Cilla Black.

The action was accompanied by a tweet from the group announcing that they had come together “to define ourselves and our boundaries” and in language that is seen as an affront to the trans community that “woman is not a feeling”.

Trans activists have described the action as a “desperate grab for headlines” but also that in context of the chosen locations, cities with vocal trans and allied communities, the action is hostile. A coded threat.