Anti-bullying charity celebrate landmark achievement

Alice Blezard May 4, 2015

Leading anti-bullying charity Diversity Role Models celebrate the delivery of their 1000th workshop.

Diversity Role Models

DIVERSITY Role Models is a ground-breaking charity that provides workshops within UK schools with the aim of tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying. Since the charity was founded in 2011 it has reached an impressive 22,853 students, including an estimated 1,370 young LGBT people.

Students attend workshops that feature LGBT and straight ally role models, who then chat with the students and bring a message of acceptance and exclusivity into the classroom. By speaking directly to young people about their experiences, Diversity Role Models hopes to put a stop to bullying before it happens.

The difference made by these workshops is made clear in the feedback that Diversity Role Models receives from the students themselves. They recently received feedback from James (not his real name), a young gay man whose school they visited in 2014: “It was a while ago that you guys came to our school. But it’s genuinely helped me so much for being able to come out to my family and friends. Thanks so much and keep on doing the amazing work you’re doing! It made all the people around me more accepting too!”

The workshops provided by Diversity Role Models also have a strong impact on the straight, cisgendered peers of young LGBT people. As a result of the workshops, 94% of students say that they will treat LGBT people better and 88% say that they will challenge homophobia.

Suran Dickson
Suran Dickson

Suran Dickinson, CEO of Diversity Role Models, said: “Since we launched in 2011, Diversity Role Models has helped over a thousand young LGBT people like James. The positive and honest nature of our workshops help to break down prejudice, and encourages young people to allow their peers the freedom to be themselves, without fear and shame. We’re immensely proud to deliver our 1000th workshop. Here’s to the next 100 workshops that will help even more young LGBT people.“

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