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Ace Week 2021

Rachel Badham October 25, 2021

Organised by Ace Week official to celebrate asexual and aromantic people while raising awareness about the discrimination that this community continues to face, October 24 – 30 is Ace Week 2021. Asexual Awareness Week was first founded in 2010 by Sara Beth Brooks, who wanted to encourage more conversations about asexuality, and has since become a worldwide campaign known as Ace Week. 

Stonewall points out that while ace people have a long history in queer activism, they are “often erased from this narrative” and the LGBTQ+ community as a whole. Ace week aims to bring ace and aro voices into the spotlight while celebrating the achievements of this vibrant community. Stonewall has also shared advice on how to be a better ally to asexual and aromantic people, including calling ace-erasure. 

Ace Week official has a series of online events running this week, ranging from discussion panels and educational talks to games nights and social hours that are open to every member of the ace and aro community. 

Happy Ace Week!