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Disability Pride, comes to the centre of Brighton today

Besi Besemar July 9, 2017

Accessibility Matters volunteers will be helping organisers deliver Brighton’s first Disability Pride (DPB) this afternoon on New Road, starting at 2pm.

Accessibility Matters is a project of the Brighton & Hove Community Safety Forum (LGBT CSF). Volunteers will be on site at New Road from 2pm providing access support to attendees with mobility and emotional needs.

DPB is a proud celebration of the disabled community featuring a day of performances including live music, street food, education, arts and comedy at the heart of the city on New Road in front of the Theatre Royal.

This is an important milestone in the battle for acknowledgement and acceptance of those living with disability (visible or invisible) within Brighton and Hove’s communities.

Discrimination against the disabled remains a reality for many in the community and Disability Pride aims to address the issue and bring everyone together to support each other in a wonderfully positive way this July.

There has never been a Disability Pride event in England before. This event will run at the same time date as Disability Pride New York City as well as similar Disability Pride events in Switzerland and Italy.

Billie Lewis
Billie Lewis

Billie Lewis, Volunteer Chair of the Brighton & Hove LGBT CSF, said: “We are looking forward to taking part in the first ever Disability Pride to take place in the UK today. LGBT CSF Volunteers will be on site in our mobile Access Tent to provide support, advice, information and a listening ear to anyone that requires it regardless of ability, gender or sexual identity. The DPB Committee have been working hard to develop a safe and inclusive event and we are looking forward to supporting them this afternoon. Please pop along to show your support!”

Accessibility Matters is the only dedicated LGBT+ project that delivers effective front-line services to the Disabled LGBT + Communities and its allies in Brighton & Hove.

Accessibility Matters was created by the Brighton and Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum to address the needs of older disabled, and deaf members of the LGBT+ Communities in the city, to encourage and empower them to take part in community event and social life on a par with their non-disabled peers.

During the last twelve months, Accessibility Matters has delivered self-awareness and self-defence workshops to empower individuals to feel safer and protect themselves. These workshops were also delivered at the Forums’ B. Right. On. Festival which celebrated LGBT History Month in February, 2017.

Accessibility Matters was instrumental in enabling older, disabled and deaf people to take part in Pride 2014, 2015 and 2016 both in the Parade, where they were accommodated at the front of the parade, and at the main event on Preston park where Accessibility Matters provided a safe space for disabled people and their carers. For many disabled people, it was the first Pride at which they felt supported and welcomed as equals.

Accessibility Matters returns to Brighton Pride again this year.

For more information on the facilities and services available via Accessibility Matters at Disability Pride Brighton, click here:

For more info about Disability Pride Brighton, click here: