11 Rugby Road, Brighton: “home to 2 guys, 2 kilns and bundles of creativity”

April 26, 2015

Dan and Adam found love last year while on a research trip (Club Revenge) and turned an eight year friendship into a perfect partnership that sees dreams of making their joint passions into a cottage industry.

Dan and Adam

HERE to prove that a love for making isn’t only for middle-aged women (they’re looking at you Kirstie Allsopp) knitting groups or the Women’s Institute, they have creatively arranged their bohemian apartment at 11 Rugby Road in Brighton to ‘flip-flop’ as a studio and living space.

11 Rugby RoadEvery room is filled to the brim with crafted objects, curio items and projects on the go – be it a 12 inch painting or a driftwood sculpture the boys are happy to come home after a hard days work and get down to business.

From opening their flat in the May and Christmas Artist Open Houses – as part of the Brighton Festivals –  Dan and Adam have branched out into textiles and jewelry too.

Adam has a degree in blowing glass and uses his talent to sandwich iridescent diachronic glass (which he heats to 800+ degrees) to make one-off pendants. IN A KILN, IN THE KITCHEN! They make ceramics here too which I can’t help but think of that Ghost pottery scenario. These boys are ambitious and don’t mind getting down and dirty to get what they want!

The climax of Dan and Adams labours has seen them launch their new website this year, where you can view their rings and see a pearl necklace or two.

11 Rugby Road

They even do a few tongue in cheek gift cards if your feeling racy.

Favourites include Victorian Shade prints, celebrating some of Ru’s best queens, and Perfect Match marriage cards for Grooms that like Grooms and Brides who like Brides.

Speaking about what is next for the pair, Dan said: “We are looking into being more involved with Brighton Pride this year. Getting the opportunity to make something to help people remember an awesome day would be brilliant! Also I always have my fingers crossed that a pug will one day join me and Adam at 11 Rugby Road!”

If you don’t get a chance to see the pair at their Open House during May, they will be popping up all over Brighton and beyond with their stylised goodies.

Give them a hello on Twitter or Facebook on @11RugbyRoad and keep up to date with what this ambitious duo are doing this summer.

To check out their website, click here:

11 Rugby Road