David Raven attacked in St James Street

Chris Gull July 30, 2022

Neil Jackson, a close friend of David Raven, has posted this on the Maisie Trollette Appreciation Society FB page today.

“Dear all ,

Firstly, he is home and safe.

Some of you already know, but many won’t, that David was assaulted yesterday afternoon, unprovoked, by someone who appeared either unbalanced or on drugs outside Morrisons.

The assailant swung a basket at David’s head, knocking him down. Fortunately, the assailant was apprehended and David was taken to the hospital and was there for 7 hours, being looked after by two close friends. He has cuts and bruises, but apart from the question ‘Why me?’ and being a little in shock, he appears ok.

Friends are staying with him at least for the next 36 hours at the behest of the doctor, but on talking with him he is still making gags. If he wasn’t then I would be concerned, as a quip or bits of sarcasm has always been his ‘defence’ in such circumstances.

I thought it best to let you know, what exactly happened as rumours and hearsay can be distorted when relayed a multiple of times . I will keep you up to date over the next few days . With very best wishes Neil x”

Neil has promised to keep us up to date too, and we wish David a speedy recovery from this awful incident.

The news comes just one week before the documentary about David “Maisie” goes on general release in cinemas on August 5th.

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