You’ve been Marco’d!

Graham Robson February 18, 2015

Crawley-based artist Marco produces affordable online male portrait art exclusively for you, your friends or your partner.



WHILE some models prefer the more ‘erotic’ portrait for a private collection in their library, others want something more subtle – ideal for pride of place on their wall in their living room or bedroom. Marco aims to achieve the best likeness possible by capturing physique, muscle and skin tone, creating the real you, unmasked and to your comfort level.


He said: “It was November 2013, I was sat in a coffee shop poised with my pad and pencil awaiting inspiration. Across the room I noticed and became transfixed on the side profile of a Middle Eastern gentleman, my pencil started to scroll across the paper and to my surprise, a profile likeness emerged. It was far removed from my usual caricature study.

“Thanks to some willing subjects sending me their selfies and poses along with perseverance on my part, male portrait art has become my newfound niche.

“I look forward to hearing from you and creating your art.”

For more information and to contact Marco, click here: