UK theatres make trans casting pledge

Rachel Badham May 28, 2021

Over 40 UK theatres have signed a pledge which promises to only cast trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming actors for trans roles in an effort to increase casting opportunities for these actors. The Trans Casting Statement reads: “We will actively seek casting opportunities for trans, non-binary and GNC people in any role regardless of gender, acknowledging that they are currently underrepresented on our stages and screens.”

It continues: “We recognise that Black trans, nonbinary and GNC people face the toughest barriers due to anti-black racism. We are also aware that colourism is a huge issue. We commit to challenging these issues through our casting.” The pledge has been signed by a handful of major theatres including the Oxford Playhouse, the Royal Exchange and Marlborough Productions in Brighton. 

Discussing the pledge with The Guardian, trans actor and performer Mika Onyx Johnson said: “Visibility on screen and stage is all linked to how people are treated in real life. I think the statement will lead to more people being able to get in the room and ultimately get more work.”