The Lady Boys of Bangkok. The Sabai Pavilion. Review

May 9, 2013

Lady Boys BangkokGlamorous Amorous! With a title like that it could only be the Lady Boys of Bangkok back with a  fabulous new show for 2013.  Those lovely Lady Boys always bring a much needed injection of high camp and glamour each year to The Brighton Festival.

Lady Boys Bangkok

This evenings show was a little slow to start but as always with the Lady Boys, it’s just part of the act when in full golden, glitzy, delightful costumes they reunited Girls Aloud on stage and the show really kicked off bringing some real energy to the stage.

Tributes to Saturday Night fever, Mary Poppins and Chess with One Night in Bangkok showed the Lady Boys off at their very best during the first half.

There was a slightly misjudged tribute to ’50 shades of grey’ which dragged a bit but it was saved by the intervention of Shirley Bassey who slowly transformed into Frank Sinatra. It was an evocative and moving performance as the Ladyboy transformed from Dame Shirl to the Rat Pack crooner, shedding costume and make up with finesse along the way to dramatic effect.

Lady Boys Bangkok

Some cool comedic moments followed including some delightful strip teasing behind a screen, before a confrontation between the lead singer and the mean Lady Boy (who is always my favorite one) chasing her off the stage.  This was a real crowd pleaser.

The audience were really getting in the mood for the night now. It always seems to take a little time before an audience allows itself to be seduced by their charms but by the start of the second act we had all abandoned ourselves to their art and charm.

Lady Boys Bangkok

The second half opened with a wonderful rendition of Gangnam Style full of stunning consumes and a well choreographed big dance routine which had the audience up on their feet dancing along.

A cool take off of the Full Monty followed with four very fit young male dancers leaving very little to the imagination and feeding off the energy of the hyped up crowd.  The Lady Boys know what a crowd likes and gives it to them, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner and Cher all made an appearance in a big beat mash-up number with some wonderfully over the top butterfly costumes.  The Lady Boys are always sexy, but never tip over into being crude.

Some light, but mean audience participation followed.  Three obviously straight lads were yanked up onto the stage to get their shirts off.  The Lady Boys may not make the high culture mark of the rest of the festival but then they ain’t got a gram of pretention about them, just huge camp fun, and they do leave you smiling from ear to ear, give you a great night out, in a warm and comfy venue watching a host of skilled performers giving their all.

This years selection of Lady Boys were stunning, the best in years, while the male dancers were well drilled in the chorus and solo numbers.

There are not that many shows you can say that of in this town!

The Sabi pavilion also had Thai Street food available all evening.

Event: Lady Boys of Bangkok

Where: The Sabai Pavilion, Victoria Gardens

When: Mondays – 7pm & 9pm, Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays – 7pm only, Fridays/Saturdays – 7pm & 9pm
Additional performances @ 4.30pm on Saturday May 25 & Saturday, June 1
Sundays – 3.30pm & 6pm
No performances on Tuesday May 14 & Tuesday MAY 21

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