REVIEW: Lockdown mini-series Distancing

Brian Butler June 26, 2020

It’s great that one of the positive things coming out of Covid is a lockdown-fuelled  ingenuity in writing and dramatic  presentation . James McDermott has created an enthralling mini-series of six parts that charts the separation of Adam, a fish seller in London and his boyfriend Jake in isolation with his ex boyfriend in Rome.

It’s a clever idea and the six short segments are full of petty bitchiness, true love, jealousy, mistrust and heartache

Kane Surry as Adam has been here before . Well he’s been severely hurt by an ex and all his bitter, sarcasm, laid over the top of real love, are caused by that bitter wound. Elliot Hadley as the more carefree Jake can’t seem to grasp that.

Hadley jokes; he provokes and incenses his bf and the sad part is he can’t see the damage he’s doing. Adam is plain and simple missing his partner , and even a case of virus in the Rome household can’t soften Adam – indeed it makes him more fearful.

Separation is often a test of trust and true love, and it’s clear this long-distance relationship- made up of zoom style messaging 2 or 3 times  a day- is suffering.

The opposites of humour and seriousness that probably drew them together is here clearly driving them apart.

Director and editor Leon Lopez puts the drama together with high quality imagery and deft cutting and it works really well. You have to click separately on each episode and the gap creates a kind of cliff-hanger in itself.

The commitment of the actors is clear and they are loveable even in their moments of darkness. This comedy web drama is well worth a watch. It’s on YouTube – look for Distancing.

Episode one is below: