Fringe REVIEW: Circus’Sission @BOSCO

June 4, 2018

Head First Acrobats presents: Circus’Sission – Those That Made The Cut!

Bosco Tent – Spiegeltent

A VARIETY mashup of circus stars and acts from Brighton Fringe, presented by your favourite Aussies, the boys from Head First Acrobats.

The endlessly lovely boys keep us occupied with their energetic hosting and performances which mesh well with offerings from a surreal and manic comedian and two different types of hoop work. Five short shows in one and the added pleasure and tasty eye candy of the Aussie trio with plenty of audience participation and  culminating with Rowan Thomas spinning naked on his giant steel ring.

Superb cross-section of performers, the tent is fun, the atmosphere electric and we left having been entertained, a little bit of this, some of that and plenty of the other. Host Cal Harris who certainly knows how to keep a Brighton audience hyped up and the participants all have their own engaging traits. It all felt a little unsafe, unhinged and bonkers and that’s just what a decent montage show should feel like.

Recommended as an excellent, cross-section of the best fringe physical and comical acts and its worth a punt as you can’t go wrong with that wide a spread.

June 1

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You can join the handsome trio in Worthing this summer at the Worthing Summer of Circus workshops. .