PREVIEW: Frankenstein and Sex at Hove’s Dukebox theatre

Paul Gustafson February 4, 2016

An award-winning comic investigation into the science of attraction, and a brand new immersive and interactive game theatre experience, are coming to Brighton Science Festival in February, as part of a varied programme at The Dukebox Theatre.

'Mystery' at Frankenstein Castle
‘Mystery’ at Frankenstein Castle

Mystery at Frankenstein Castle celebrates the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s novel, and is inspired by the recent ‘escape room’ trend. The experience uses basic scientific experiments and the participants’ problem-solving skills to move the story forward, as they work their way through a series of clues to reach the game’s conclusion.

Participants will find themselves in Frankenstein’s lab on the night of the big storm, but Victor Frankenstein has gone missing, so they are invited to help Igor work out how to bring the Creature to life.

Igor will be played by actor Steve Griffin, who has recently moved to Brighton. Steve also works as one half of magician duo Griffin and Jones, who were Surrey Stage Magic Champions 2013-14.

The show runs from February 13-17 with five performances a day, with afternoon performances catering to families with teenagers on half term holidays, and an adults-only version with more scares in the evening. It’s an intimate experience with only six tickets available per time slot.

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'The Science of Sex' with Rosie Wilby
‘The Science of Sex’ with Rosie Wilby

Later in the month, BBC Radio 4 regular Rosie Wilby returns to Brighton with her hit show, The Science of Sex.  Rosie will be donning her lab coat and safety goggles once more in a revamp of her award-winning investigation into the science of attraction.  In her guise as the ‘love doctor’ Rosie will be asking what makes us gay or straight? What are pheromones? And what is the scientific origin of kissing?

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