PREVIEW: Daggers MacKenzie

May 11, 2016

She’s wanted dead or alive and she juggles knives. The one woman, knife juggling rock opera Daggers MacKenzie comes to Brighton Fringe.


Ten whirlwind songs, four characters, and three knives flying dangerously close to her face: Melissa A. Kaplan’s original solo musical Daggers MacKenzie explores what happens when you fall in love with risk and fantasy.

Daggers, set in 1894, follows the story of Emma MacKenzie, a naïve American farm girl who is enchanted into the life of a circus perform by a charismatic carnival madam, tormented by romance and the performance life, and driven to a crime that brandishes her an outlaw.

Daggers MacKenzie sees Melissa Kaplan bring multiple characters to life with the help of big top skills and a formidable musical presence…

“It reminds me of the start of Ariel’s journey in the Little Mermaid,” Kaplan told Diva Magazine: “but instead of Ariel chasing the Prince, she sticks it out with Ursula a powerful, evil, seductive sea witch with gigantic boobs.”

[Kaplan is] a rich soprano….. The Boston Globe

A number of elements drove Kaplan, a trained musical performer and professional juggler, to create a one woman, lesbian circus indie pop rock opera: Her role as Yitzhak in a Boston run of the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch; a headlining European tour as guitarist with the Bitchfits, an all female Misfits tribute band; circus gigs; and her collaboration with longtime musical mentor and Melissa Etheridge guitarist Michael Eisenstein.

Event: Daggers MacKenzie

Where: Sweet St Andrew’s (Venue 263), Waterloo Street, Hove

When: May 19-22: May 24-26

Time: 8pm

Cost: £7 /£5

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