La La Theatre Company auditioning for local actor

November 6, 2014

La La Theatre Company are seeking a Brighton actor for an exciting new comedy.

Marlborough Theatre

Therapy” centres around four characters who embark on a series of unusual holistic treatments at the Orpady School of self-discovery. The course takes the residents on a bonkers journey, only to discover all is not as it appears to be. Contains warped humour, lower-the-tone wit and spiteful remarks.

The play requires movement and physicality.

Davey – Male 20’s to mid 30’s
Physical attributes – Small build.
Gay, quirky, camp but quick tongued, he wears make-up in a gothic way like a young Robert Smith from the Cure and what he lacks in confidence he makes up in attitude, he is equally gentle as he is sharp and these complexities can often get him into trouble. Good comic timing.

Audition date Sunday, November 23

Play to be performed at the Marlborough Theatre Brighton in March 2015

Rehearsals starting In early January 2015.

For more information and an audition pack please send your CV with a recent photograph to: