Guilt & Shame: Addicted to Everything’: Upstairs at Three & Ten

Graham Robson April 29, 2013

Guilt & Shame
Guilt & Shame

Guilt & Shame’s ‘Addicted to Everything’, a wild night of sketch comedy, plays at Upstairs at Three & Ten as part of The Brighton Fringe in May.

With pumping music, crazy dance numbers and rapping transvestites, Addicted To Everything tells the story of Gabe, an (allegedly) reformed sex addict trying his hardest to keep his unruly libido tamed, while sobriety is not coming so easily to Rob as he continues to be tempted by the allure of life on the dark side.

Guilt & Shame embark on a journey to redemption that will take them to heaven then drag them straight back to hell again.

Where: Upstairs at Three & Ten, 10 Steine St, Brighton, BN2 1TE

When: Fri, May 3 – Sun, May 5 at 10pm

Tickets: £8/£6.50

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