Free online theatre performance for schools from Blackeyed Theatre

April 26, 2020

A modern comedy play is being made available for free to schools. Acclaimed producers Blackeyed Theatre have been permitted by playwright John Godber to allow free online access to a 2018 recording of Teechers.

Three fifth form students, Gail, Hobby and Salty, put on an end of term play telling the hilarious story of an idealistic new teacher in his perilous first days at a local comprehensive school. Teechers puts the school system under a microscope and examines the possibilities of achievement through education and the challenges of an uninspiring system and apathetic teachers.

‘Over the past week we’ve had a number of emails from teachers desperate to offer their students access to footage of the play,’ said Adrian McDougall, artistic director of Blackeyed Theatre. ‘Given the challenges of remote learning and the lack of live theatre, we got in touch with John Godber and he has kindly allowed us to share our link to the recording with schools.’

BAFTA winning playwright John Godber was a teacher before turning to writing and undoubtedly drew on some of these experiences for Teechers. His other successes include Bouncers, Perfect Pitch and The Debt Collectors. Teechers has toured three times since 2013, including at the Devonshire Park Theatre Eastbourne.

To access this free resource teachers need to message the producers using their school email account and the company will reply with the link.

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