Fit for a Queen!

Besi Besemar October 3, 2014

Ceri Dupree reigns supreme.

Ceri Dupree

An evening out in the company of Ceri Dupree and “the ladies he loves” guarantees a night of showbiz glamour and entertainment. A return to the good old days when entertainers learnt their craft and could single-handedly hold the attention of an audience for a full evening.

Ceri Dupree is not a mere drag queen. He is the full package. An actor, comedian, singer and all round entertainer. A fabulous gender illusionist who recreates his characters on the stage in front of you. His attention to detail is legendary and you know that when you step out for a night with Ceri Dupree you are in the company of someone who remains at the very top of his game after more than 30 years in show business.

Ceri DupreeWhen did you first pull on a dress? Cannot pinpoint it exactly… probably the Palace nightclub, Swansea, circa 81/82… That’s 1981, not 1881… I’m not Maisie! lol…

Who is your current favourite character? My favourite character at the moment is Hilary Devey of Dragons’ Den fame. She works better in a cabaret situation rather than in a theatre appearance, hence she is not in this current theatre tour. Ten years ago I would have said Camilla Parker-Bowles was my favourite. I did her in riding gear with a crop. The audience loved her and still do and I’m currently on riding outfit number four with her.

What should we expect in this year’s show? I don’t want to give too much away but I am resurrecting some characters that I have not done for many years. The first half of the show features women from all over the world, all international stars and the second half is the best of British: the Royals, British actresses, a writer, a politician, a tart, two singers and a pimp!

Has your gay audience changed over the years? Their attention span is shorter. They want quick one liners. Telling a 10 minute gag in a gay club is usually not possible and clever lyrics are no good especially with the younger ones. However, put them in a theatre and they all listen! They have so many more things to occupy themselves with today – Facebook, out for a ciggie, on their mobiles, Twitter, Gaydar, blah blah blah… oh dear am I sounding old!!

And has your straight audience changed? No, not really changed. I play to all ages right across the board. I look out sometimes and there’s the couples, young and old, the gay crowd who usually bring their parents these days too, the blue rinses and the students… amazing really… but you’ll always get people sat out there not enjoying it at all…then I think of Bette Midler’s line, which is so true… “F**k ‘em if they can’t take a joke!”

What do you make of the new generation of young drag queens such as Myra Dubois? I don’t really get the chance to see them work, though it appears many of them seem to be karaoke hosts in a sequin dress and net boa!!! There’s no theatrical magic or escapism in their presentation, nothing clever or thought out. It’s sad, but drag has lost its way a little… regarding Myra… I found her witty and well thought out… she made me laugh.

Ceri Dupree

Whether it’s Nana Mouskouri, Cher, Shirley Bassey, Dame Edna Everage, Barbara Cartland, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Marlene Dietrich, Amy Winehouse, Eartha Kitt or Tina Turner who turn up in the Brighton show you can relax for the evening knowing you’re in the hands of a consummate professional, who follows a long line of female impersonators including Danny La Rue and the magnificent Jim Bailey who turned wearing a frock into an art form.

Ceri Dupree brings his 30th anniversary show Fit For A Queen to the Theatre Royal in Brighton on Friday, October 10.

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Or telephone: 08448 717627

Ceri Dupree