BRIGHTON FRINGE REVIEW: Arr’ we there yet? Head First Acrobats

June 5, 2017

Arr’ we there yet?

Head First Acrobats

Bosco Tent

Brighton Fringe

Head First Acrobats style is defined by their unique mix of old school slapstick comedy, with new-school death-defying acrobatics. A scallywag pirate, a muscular sailor and a chef with a seafood allergy make for a hopeless crew, as they fight for the title of Captain aboard the ship. These acrobatic pirates turn ship-life upside down!

If you’ve ever seen them then you know what they do, and they’ve adapted their  impressive skills to suit both adult evening shows and this fun kids show.  Swashbuckling daftness abound with some delightful daft tango’ing with mops as they swabbing the decks, climbing the rigging on an unsupported ladder, the never-gets-dull huge metal ring work which I’ve seen four times this festival and is still utterly impressive and jumping, flipping, spinning, head standing and  strong and impressive feats of balance and gymnastics.

They  ‘click’ these lads and that level of fun and accomplishment carries across into the apparently scatter-brained daftness of the show, but like all things in the circus, nothing is quite what it seems and these boys are a smooth talented polished trio who know exactly what they are doing and engage on every level with adult and most importantly the kids to ensure everyone enjoys themselves fully.  There was plenty of fun audience participation, shouting out and interaction with the younger member of the audience.

I winced at the £2 twisted balloon cutlasses swords that the kids were queuing to get from the performers outside after the show particularly as our little one Tilly’s – popped very soon after (nothing to do with the quality of the balloon, twisting or show I hasten to add), but these Pirates are so charming you forgive them their lust for gold. As charming as they are deft their infectious energetic acts brought everyone to their feet and the young ones left thrilled by this trio of wonderfully funny, impressively fit and agile trio of young performers.

If you missed them at the fringe then you’ll get a chance to see them in their various guise at the Worthing Summer of Circus, and I would strongly recommend you get out to catch one of their shows.

For full details of their Summer of Circus show, click here:

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