Review: Top to Bottom : Finlay Games

July 16, 2021

Top to Bottom 

Finlay Games

This is an engrossing testimony to transformation and learning to love your body and the changes and opportunity’s that change can provide. Told with warmth and insight Games takes us on a journey with his penis but gives us insight into what got him there, the struggles and internal narratives which initially stopped him seeking phalloplasty, hand holding us through each stage of the surgical process, and the challenges and insights of recovery. The ways in which his new cock gave deeper insights into sensation, sensuality, developing relationships, his sexuality and reframing and relearning his body are explored with cantor, and a cheeky ability to leave the reader grinning.

Whilst factually examining the positive ways that surgery can impact on a trans person’s life and mental health, Games allows his wit and humour to give us a deeply human experience of how satisfying hard-won change can be and the bountiful psychological affirmations achieved.

The later chapters around dating and sex are great fun, sharing intimate insight into the worries most of us have as we step back out into the dating world again, the book concludes with reflections about dysphoria and feeling whole, and how that leads to a whole new adventure. As he says himself “This book is about my penis. This is my story of going through lower surgery, specifically, and the adventures I have with my changing genitals along the way..”

Out now £14.99

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