REVIEW: The Pirate Mums by Jodie Lancet-Grant & Lydia Corry

January 12, 2022

The Pirate Mums

Jodie Lancet-Grant & Lydia Corry

I love seeing us reflected in stories and with young people it’s really important that they can see themselves as key parts of fun, engaging and constructive narratives. The Pirate Mums is all of that, inclusive to the bone, celebratory of LGBTQ+ families and lives and very gently challenging of prejudice but most of all it’s a rollicking good story.

We join Billy’s life, with his two mums and their secret life as Pirates, as reflected in their home décor, food and choice of family sea shanty entertainment, it’s a wonderfully daft depiction of landlubber pirate life. Up comes a school trip out to sea and Billy asks his mums to be ‘normal’, but when disaster strikes in the shape of some ridiculously silly mounting disasters including a storm and the captain getting locked in the loo, it’s his Mothers Pirate nautical knowledge that saves the day.

I adored Bird-Brain the cross parrot and the lovely way the narrative and illustrations are blended into one another, it’s the perfect read-it-together story for younger ones.  The illustrations from Lydia Corry are vibrant, funny and full of detail, perfect for tiny hands to point out and laugh at, and the core of the book is a warm-hearted unconditional celebration of being different and embracing the wonderful things which make us special.

Out now £6.99

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