Review: Nen and the lonely Fisherman: Ian Eagleton & James Mayhew

July 25, 2021

Nen and the lonely Fisherman

Ian Eagleton and James Mayhew

This is an utterly charming reworking of the ‘little mermaid’ story, without the weird HC Anderson ending… here the conclusion of Eagleton’s story is one of love triumphant and special friendships being strengthened in adversity, share experience and connection over the things that matter to you.   The narrative follows Nen; a merman as he seeks something other than his father’s ocean kingdom can offer, one day, spying Earnest on a boat, they talk, connect, and feel something change in each of them. They recognise they are both different, but the same.  The book offers hope in a world seemingly set against celebrating difference.

Mayhew’s evocative illustrations support the narrative and offer many delightful and interesting details for the young readers eyes, using an oceanic colour scheme to cover the whole book in swirling waves, the storm sequences are wonderfully dark and atmospheric, with plenty of sea life to spot.

This is a lovely book for the younger reader with a strong diversity theme and a subtle intelligent ecological one carefully woven into the story, the perfect book for a bright child to learn about hope and bravery.

Out now £7.99 

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