Review: Gender Euphoria : Laura Kate Dale

July 4, 2021

Gender Euphoria

Laura Kate Dale

This is a glorious collection of personal stories from a score of writers, most of whom are trans, nonbinary,  agender, genderqueer or intersex their stories offering authentic insight into the ways that each person chooses to mark and celebrate milestones, daily achievements and finding ways of rejoicing when the small things in life happen.  Each page and story offer joy, sharing experiences of deeply personal non-cis experience of wonderous, numinous lives, rooting the everyday normalness of narratives often portrayed as strange or ‘other’.

Dale’s deft editing brings these stories of celebration into a sharp focus, giving us a page turning book of affirmation and testimony and she says ‘I’ve experienced countless moments of elation, pride, confidence, freedom, and ecstasy as a direct result of my coming out as a trans woman…and I know I am not alone’.

The narratives and moments captured between the covers urges happiness on the reader, many of the stories say ‘ this moment here, let me hold it up and hear it sing, is when I felt truly happy and joyful’ and that honest sharing of the bubbling up of real happiness is infectious.  When reading of the things we do to claim our selves and honour our experiences, from getting a tattoo to allowing our inner fighter to emerge we are given an opportunity to embrace,  reflect on how this book is a much needed balm for TNB communities and let the positive experiences of people living well permeate our own daily narratives, where we can.

This book distils a wide range of personal transcendent experiences in an appealing and easy to read anthology which leaves you smiling widely at the infinite, glorious variety of life, and thinking ‘Yes!’

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