REVIEW: Coming Out again: Sabrina Symington

June 30, 2021

Coming Out again

Sabrina Symington

This is a striking graphic novel filled with engageing characters which leap off the page and remind us of the importance of private silliness in our queer lives. This empowering book explores the multitude of ways a person’s identity and relationships can be expressed and can change over time. Covering not just the serious hard work & emotional labour it can take to be authentically ourselves but also the joy, daft, wonderous uniqueness of being other, different, Queer!

Symington asks us to consider that we don’t just come out once. We have to come out continually throughout our lives. And as we grow and change and reach a newfound understanding of who we are, we come out once again in a whole new way.  This charming book, deceptively profound is illustrated in an engaging colourful way which manages to express deep emotional connections and the sometimes left-field ways people get to those connections. It’s  told with humour and wit is a joy to read.

From Lily coming out as a lesbian after coming out as a trans woman, to Leanne embracing their genderqueer identity in later life, to Ty navigating their queerness with their autistic identity, these stories illustrate how life lived at the intersection of gender, sexuality, race and class is often a journey with many chapters.

I’d recommend it for any younger people stepping out of the cis normative world, or anyone with a Queer/Questioning life, it reminds us that we are all extraordinary beautifully human and unconditional love starts at home.  Recommend.

Out now £16.99 

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