Pride anthem featuring queer voices from all over the world to raise funds for victims of Oslo Pride attack

Graham Robson July 6, 2022

On July 25, Rainbow Riots unveiled the new single We Don’t Care; a global protest anthem against LGBTQ+ phobia, released internationally following the terrorist attack on Oslo Pride. It is written and produced by Swedish gay artist and LGBTQ+ activist Petter Wallenberg in collaboration with queer voices from around the world.

On June 25, a terrorist attack against Oslo Pride killed two people and injured 21, sending shockwaves around the world. The attack was a reminder that not even Pride celebrations are safe havens from violence and hatred against LGBTQ+ people. In over 70 countries it is illegal to be LGBTQ+, in some cases punishable by death. Many LGBTQ+ people are forced to stay hidden in order to survive, and after the Oslo Pride attack, fear is now rising in LGBTQ+ communities around the world.

Wallenberg wants to change that. He has founded the non-profit organisation Rainbow Riots where he creates music and creative collaborations with other queer artists, often in countries where it is illegal or controversial to be LGBTQ+. In 2019 Rainbow Riots opened East Africa’s first LGBTQ+ community centre, a milestone for international LGBTQ+ rights, which was condemned by the country’s politicians.

We Don’t Care aims to use the power of music to mobilise the world against violence and discrimination. It was written and produced by Wallenberg and features queer voices in four different continents; Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

“It’s time that everyone in the whole world joined forces to put an end to the violent hatred that LGBTQ people face, whether in Norway or Nigeria, Iran or Ireland, USA or Uganda” says Petter Wallenberg. “We Don’t Care is our way, as queer artists, to fight hatred with creativity. I made it with queer voices from four continents, including countries where it is illegal to be LGBTQ+. We want to show the world that every human has the right to be and love whoever they want.”

All proceeds from the music sales of We Don’t Care will be donated to the victims of the Oslo Pride attack.

We Don’t Care is available on iTunes, Spotify and all major digital platforms.

To listen to the song, CLICK HERE