Swedish rapper to play free concert at EuroPride 2018

Besi Besemar June 6, 2018

Swedish rapper Silvana Imam plays free concert during EuroPride 2018 at Götaplatsen in Gothenburg, Sweden on Thursday, August 16.

SINCE her debut album Rekviem was released in 2013, Imam has become one of Sweden’s biggest rappers, being crowned Writer of the year at the Music Publishers’ Prize 2015 and Live artist of the year at Swedish radio awards P3 Gold and Artist of the year at the Swedish Grammy awards in 2016.

Her acclaimed sequel album Naturkraft was released in 2016 when her Regnbågsfärger över Sverige tour took place throughout Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

In 2017 she took a break from touring. She released two new singles, a coffee table book and a documentary film about her life and career which premiered in September 2017 and has been playing cinemas in Sweden and film festivals around the world.

In January 2018 the film Silvana – Väck mig när ni vaknat won the best documentary award at Guldbaggen (the Swedish Oscars).

Imam’s first single in 2018 Vikken Da from the upcoming album Holy Mother is a call for changes in society. Patience is over, patriarchy powers are dead and across Europe there is a shift of power evident from different emerging political and social movements. This is more than rap music!

Silvana says: “With ‘Holy Mother’ I have experimented and challenged myself, my ways of making music and my voice more than I ever did. I’ve been uncomfortable and those feelings have led me to make the best songs I’ve done to date”.

EuroPride 2018 – A Pride in two cities, in one country, for a united Europe open to the world – takes place in Stockholm from July 27 – August 5 and in Gothenburg from August 14 – 19.

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