Sixty Pink Singers sing ‘Fix You’ to inspire

July 9, 2020

LGBTQ+ choir The Pink Singers, which was formed in 1983 for the Lesbian & Gay Pride March in London, has released their version of Coldplay’s Fix You with over 60 members of the choir performing in their own homes, having continued to meet online at regular Sunday afternoon Zoom rehearsals.


Paul Truesdale, Chair of Pink Singers, said: ‘It’s been a fantastic lifeline for our members. Last weekend we should have been performing live at the Cadogan Hall, but we’re not a group to be defeated so we created our first virtual performance. 

‘It was a very different way to do things but we hope our supporters will agree that the result is amazing, and it’s so great to hear ourselves singing together and creating such an emotional video.’

Keri Seymour, alto, said: ‘I had been floundering in isolation and I couldn’t imagine making a virtual recording would achieve anything. But I went ahead and recorded my piece, singing by myself in my flat, tears ruining my first three takes.

‘Then when I heard the finished recording, all the pain, all the missing, all the feeling of a hole in my heart was filled and eased by the sound of our collective voices melting into one again.’

Murray Hipkin, Musical Director, added: ‘Fix You is a song about coming to terms with loss and has always been emotional for the choir and audiences alike.

‘The video takes us on this emotional journey to a shared sense of pride, community and solidarity.’

To see this performance and others on YouTube, CLICK HERE.

The choir, made up of around 90 singers from all parts of the LGBTQ+ spectrum, performs to bring the joy of music to the queer community and to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues in the UK and around the world. For more info, check out their website.