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Singer Dan Reynolds donates home to LGBTQ+ youth charity

Rachel Badham March 12, 2021

Dan Reynolds

Imagine Dragons’ frontman Dan Reynolds has donated his childhood home, worth $1m, to LGBTQ+ advocacy group Encircle. Reynolds, who is known for being an outspoken LGBTQ+ ally, donated the Las Vegas property as part of Encircle’s ‘$8 Million, Eight Houses’ campaign, which aims to convert a handful of houses into facilities for LGBTQ+ youth. Both Reynold’s and his wife, Aja Volkman, are serving as honorary co-chairs of the campaign. 

Reynolds and Volkman said in a joint statement: “Encircle is about bringing young LGBTQ+ people and their families together, by including the community and strengthening the bonds that connect us. Being a part of this organisation means so much to both of us and we know the house Dan grew up in will be a loving and supportive home to every young LGBTQ+ person who crosses the threshold.”

CEO Stephanie Larsen at the opening of an existing Encircle facility

Encircle CEO, Stephanie Larsen, said the new facilities will be a lifeline for LGBTQ+ youth: “Studies repeatedly have shown that LGBT+ youth across the country struggle with depression and suicidality far more than their heterosexual peers, and the pandemic has made that sense of isolation so many feel harder than ever before. We strive to give these kids a positive and loving environment that builds support within their communities where they can realize their full potential, and it works – we have not lost a single youth to suicide.”