Scene from the Sofa – Five minutes with… Lorraine Bowen

Graham Robson April 14, 2020

Off-the-wall Britain’s Got Talent star Lorraine Bowen loves fashion, great melodies, A-line dresses, polyester and Casiotone organs. Here, she shares with Graham Robson how she’s spending her time indoors, how continental treats are definitely still on the menu, and what you can expect with her new online-only show, ELEVENSES with LORRAINE, which goes out live everyday at 11am!

Hey Lorraine, what have you been up to?

Thought you’d never ask! When the initial lockdown came about I thought it might be a good idea to keep something going everyday, so I dreamt up ELEVENSES with LORRAINE going out live everyday at 11am.  Just four minutes… some exercises, sing-alongs, fun, uptempo stuff… to keep everyone on their toes (and me)!

How’s it gone down?

OMG – such a wonderful response from people all over the world.  I do the ELEVENSES on three platforms… YouTube, Facebook and Instagram so I’ve got it covered! Just lovely comments and shares from kids to cheery adults! Some people say it makes a difference to their wellbeing so that’s great and makes it all worthwhile.

How does it compare with performing in front of an audience? 

Well ELEVENSES is LIVE and unedited…so it’s like doing it in front of a crowd. It’s RAW and all done in one take – the first take.

I hardly even practise the tune – it’s about getting the initial energy and getting it out there. At the end of the day, it’s not about me it’s all about getting people smiling, laughing and making them get up and have a bit of fun.  The more raw the better… people like the mistakes!

Have you seen much else online? 

LOADS AND LOADS of people are sharing skills, putting on concerts, gigs, cabaret… It’s all out there… even the National Theatre have started doing it!

Any top tips to keep our readers occupied during lockdown? 

Try and organise a vague schedule for the day and then it’s got some kind of structure.

Even in a small flat you can reorganise a corner and make it into a café (we do that), and have a coffee with a chocolate or something to make the day special in some way.

Big tip for Brighton people is that the posh Parisian croissant shop is still open! YES! The one near the station – Julien Plumart… a continental treat once a week!

As for food – well I don’t like queueing so tend to buy whatever is left over in local shops and Morrisons… came back with kippers, green olives and spam the other day – any recipes out there for that?

What are your plans for when this is all over?

It doesn’t feel as if it’s going to go away anytime soon… we’re in for a long haul!

But have just been approached by a video games developer so will be writing catchy tunes every day from now on!

What do you miss the most?

SWIMMING!  I always swim in the local cess pit twice a week and even miss the unsanitzed state of the pool!  Oh – the memories of athletes foot! Take me back!

Any words of wisdom to keep us going? 

YES, tune into ELEVENSES with LORRAINE every week day at 11am and I’ll try and cheer ya up for four minutes!

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