Scene from the Sofa – Five minutes with… Cherry Liquor

Graham Robson April 18, 2020

Cherry Liquor is tacky, camp, eccentric and sure to get the party started. Known for her over the top style Cherry has performed all over the UK, as well as internationally in San Francisco and Iceland (not the supermarket). Graham Robson caught up with the queen of tart to find out what she’s been up to, other than missing the D…

Hey Cherry, what have you been up to?

Learning new songs! It’s a MIRACLE! Haha. Cleaned the lace on my wigs! Another MIRACLE… Oh I have been doing Cherry’s Bingo from my Facebook page! It’s been fun and stopped me from losing the plot!

How’s your online stuff been going down?

It’s been really fun! The most annoying thing is the time lag and when the video tends to stop mid show!! Haha! Which is hilarious apparently!

Sounds like a hoot…

Oh it’s weird! When you give loads of energy and then get nothing back apart from a thumbs up emoji! Worst thing is when you forget a lyric and signal for the audience to “sing that bit”, WHOOPS!!

Have you seen much else online?

Girl, it’s all over my newsfeed but you know what, I bloody love it. So good that all the girls are still working and thinking of inventive ways to keep people entertained!

Any tips to keep us busy while in lockdown?

Plan your time and don’t do everything at once! And make it fun!

What are your plans for when this is all over?

I can not wait to hear a live crowd and entertain everyone in person! Oh and I need to go on holiday, haha!

Anything you miss?

The D! I’m joking! Human interaction, a peck on the cheek, a hug, and being able to chat and catch up!

Any words of wisdom to keep us going?

Call your friends, chat to family, video call, you don’t have to be alone in this!! If you’re really at a loose end follow me on Instagram and Facebook @thecherryliquor