Scene from the Sofa – Five minutes with… Boogaloo Stu

Graham Robson April 30, 2020

Fuelled by a boundless enthusiasm for popular music, Boogaloo Stu lives in world that owes as much to obscure psychedelic cinema of 1960s Paris as to end-of-the-pier bawdiness and slapstick. Graham Robson caught up with the colourful, quiffy character to find out what he’s been up to while in lockdown.

Hey Stu, how’s it going?

I’m very well, thank you.

Been up to much online?

I have, yes. I’ve been doing a pub quiz with Secret London for the past few weeks and I’ve also been asked to host a bingo and comedy event with Laine Brew Co, which is launching soon. You can check Stu’s rather splendid website here

How’s it been going down?

It’s been a delight! I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy performing online, but I am fully embracing my digital audience. I hope that the quiz brings a little light relief to the monotony of lockdown, as well as keeping the grey matter ticking over.

How does it compare with performing in person?

Audience interaction is at the heart of all my performances, so I really miss having that physical connection with people. It has been strange and I’m really not sure we will get back to where we were any time soon, so in the meantime you just have to make the most of what technology can offer and use it to stay in touch.

What’s your exercise routine?

Gardening is my exercise. I love it. I’m lucky enough to have an allotment so I’ve spent quite a bit of time tending my seedlings. I don’t think there’s a single weed left to pull, it’s looking pristine!

Any tips to keep us busy while in lockdown?

Nothing you haven’t already heard! Stay at home. Spend some time in the sunshine. Eat healthily. Drink in moderation. Masturbate wildly.

What are your plans for when this is all over?

I’m not making any plans. I’m taking one day at a time.

Any words of wisdom to keep us going?

Don’t make any plans. Take one day at a time