Scene from the Sofa – 5 minutes with… Krissie Ducann

Graham Robson June 9, 2020

Legendary vocalist Krissie Ducann has been entertaining the punters of our LGBTQ+ venues and using her superstar voice to help raise vital funds for our LGBTQ+ charities for many years. Graham Robson caught up with the little lady with the big voice to find out how where it all started, how she’s been spending lockdown and what the future holds.

Hey Krissie, tell us a bit about yourself… 

I am a professional singer from way back in the 1960s, in fact my first gig was just after I left school in 1959. I formed my first band called Cadillac in 1960.

Having been brought up in a singing family I naturally loved singing from a very young age. I have managed to continue my career even after marriage and seven children. By 1976 I had been able to be myself and come out as a gay lady. I now do many charity gigs, which I really enjoy.

What have you been up to while in lockdown?

During lockdown I have been mostly isolating, however the weather has been wonderful so I’ve been enjoying walks in the sunshine with my partner Nat and spending time outside on our patio that we’ve been doing up. We’ve also taken the opportunity to decorate the home, which is exciting. I haven’t sung live online but have enjoyed watching some of the artists that have, and I have been putting videos of me singing on Facebook for people to enjoy, I hope ha ha.

Has lockdown affected your creative output? 

The biggest impact to my creative output has been realising just how complicated modern technology is!

It’s hard to miss drag artists and singers these days… 

I have managed to catch a few of the singers and drag artists who are performing online, it’s been so uplifting to see them doing what they love doing.

What do you miss the most?

Naturally I miss our families an incredible amount and our friends. I’ve really missed our Friday and Saturday nights at the Grosvenor Bar in Hove, watching the acts with friends. Also our Sunday fundays at the Amsterdam Bar & Kitchen enjoying a delicious roast (they really are) and watching the acts there. I miss singing and the interaction with a crowd.

Do you think LGBTQ+ communities are disproportionately affected?

I think the lockdown will have affected the LGBTQ+ community a great deal as we’re quite a close knit group here in Brighton. You can go out at a weekend and you’re guaranteed to bump into people you know. So I think a lot of people will be missing the social side of the scene.

I’ve personally been thinking about those who struggled with various things, mental health etc, even before the lockdown and how and if they’re getting the support they might need. But seeing all the love online just shows how strong and supportive we are as a community even during something as awful as this.

What does the future hold for Krissie Ducann? 

Once we can start getting back to some sort of normality I’m so looking forward to seeing family and friends and going for a break somewhere with Nat. That will be amazing! I’ve missed our holidays and adventures.
Once bars and pubs are open again I can’t wait to start arranging some more charity gigs. I love being able to use my singing to help raise money for some great causes.

Top tips to keep us busy during lockdown? 

Do all those jobs you kept putting off – gardening, decorating, sorting out cupboards and paperwork etc. Take up a new hobby that maybe you didn’t have time for before.

Words of wisdom? 

This is an incredibly difficult and lonely time for so many. Look out for and check in on one another. Keep connected especially if you know someone who lives alone or is vulnerable or struggling. Above all, please be kind and stay safe.