Queens on TV: girlband Denim set to see small screen spotlight

Drag Queen pop group in production to feature on their own TV show.

The comedic crew of queens are making their small screen debut, in their TV show of the same name. Produced by independent company Red Planet Pictures, of British favourites Death in paradise and Hooten and the Lady, the mockumentary comedy series will focus on the group’s “five-star world tour” across the UK.

Set as “a hilarious and uplifting comedic serial drama about a drag queen girl band who believe they are global superstars. The catch? They now have to prove this to the world.” the series will be a follow on from their previous stage production.

First seeing mainstream success with their 2017 Glastonbury performance alongside Florence and the machine, and a spot in the Edinburgh festival of the same year, the band uniquely fuse LGBT+ topics, comedy and Pop to create their iconic sound.

Made up of Glamrou La Denim, Crystal Rasmussen OBE, Electra Cute, Shirley Du Naughty and Aphrodite Greene, the group have described the new show as an exclusive insight into their lives. “To give back to our die-hard-7-billion-strong-fanbase, we’re going to be giving an all-access camera crew the priceless privilege of following us on our world stadium tour”.

“No more camouflage. No more secrets. No more hairspray. The Denim Qweens are here. They’re queer. And occasionally, they wear sheer.”……Denim

Co-written by the girls themselves, their TV series will take viewers on a “rollercoaster journey with 5 misfits who believe that anything is possible (in a world that tells them it isn’t), and where the power of sisterhood and friendship ultimately prevails”.

Taking on a humorous facade, Denim are currently seeing audiences with live stage show Denim: world tour at the Soho Theatre London.

Joint managing director at Red Planet Pictures, Belinda Campbell explains: “their stage show tackles adversity with a unique infusion of explosive pop, glamour, intelligence, politics and humour, taking audiences on an insightful, joyous and irreverent journey.”

“Pop legends in their own minds, this swaggering five-piece retool Whitney and Beyoncé songs in a smart, uplifting knees-up”…..Brian Logan, The Guardian

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