PREVIEW: A Very Queer Nazi Faust is happening!

Graham Robson January 31, 2017

Vince Laws

Vince Laws, independent poet, artist and campaigner, has launched a new four-part participatory theatre project in Norwich.

A Very Queer Nazi Faust will celebrate 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK, and will “highlight the plight of disabled people under the current government”.

 Part One: In February, which is LGBT History Month, Vince will be launching a Facebook page calling out for participants to lend their skills or talents and asking for donations in return for an email copy of the working script and notes.

To donate, click here: 

Vince says: “I’m currently unfunded, but that may change as the project moves forward. I will cut my cloth accordingly. Product placement opportunities abound, speak to Lucifer! 

“I’m looking for people who want to get involved; directors, actors, singers, signers, dancers, magicians, choirs, flashmobs, umbrella-holders, costume designers, comedians, scenery wavers, admin helpers, drag kings and queens, project assistants, film-makers, whatever. The people who want to take part, and the skills they have, will help shape the performance. But to be clear, I will do all of February on my own from home, online!”

Part Two: Assuming enough people want to take part, Vince intends to hold auditions and workshops during Dandifest, (last week of April/first week of May) somewhere in central Norwich. Some action may be filmed, some sound recorded. Costumes and props considered.

Part Three: Individual parts will be rehearsed and polished, with a view to a performance during Norwich Pride. This could be during the Norwich Pride Without Prejudice Art Show (July 15-29), on Norwich Pride Day (July 29), just after – or all 3!

Part Four: All performances will be filmed. Action played out in front of Norwich Pride crowds will be filmed. Pride-goers will be encouraged to film Faust performers out on the day and a film version of A Very Queer Nazi Faust will be edited and available for a community viewing by the end of 2017.

Vince concludes: “You don’t need to be queer or disabled to take part, however people with disabilities are actively encouraged to take part. This is my chosen project for 2017 and I intend to make it fabulous, fun, and memorable! Questions or suggestions most welcome.”

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