Polish popstar faces hate comments after publishing gay video on her website

Besi Besemar December 16, 2016

Beata Kozidrak is a singer with legendary Polish band, Bajm.

Beata Kozidrak
Beata Kozidrak

After divorcing her husband earlier this year, she relaunched her solo career, releasing her third solo album B3.

Polish gay couple Jakub and David loved her new single Niebiesko-zielone and made an amateur video for it. The Polish superstar adored their work so much she sent congratulations to them and shared it on her official website. Then the hatred began……

The response from her fans was enthusiastic but when the Polish media spread the news around the country a lot of nasty comments started to appear.

Here are just a few:

When she got divorce she completely lost her mind

She should buy a hammer and hit herself in the head

That pig should be burnt on a stake

It should be cured not promoted

I’ve been your fan for 30 years, now it’s over

A few radical Polish nationalists sites called for a boycott of Beata’s songs and concerts.

So what is all the fuss about?

Jakub and David
Jakub and David

Nothing really, just two young Polish guys having fun throughout all four seasons of the year in a three-minute video promoting a pop song. They recorded Spring and Autumn in Poland, Summer in Italy and Winter in Russia.

Last year when their video of the Roxette track Some other summer appeared on Roxette’s official website, Jakub and David faced a similar reaction.

Beata Kozidrak has been a gay icon in Poland for over 30 years. Her colourful outfits, leather jackets and over knee boots were an inspiration for three generations of Polish drag queens. Beata had never mentioned a word about her attitude to LGBT+ people, so it was a huge surprise to everyone when she published Jacob and David’s video of her new single Niebiesko-zielone (Blue-Green) on her official website

Make your own mind up. Here is the video: