Ray A-J May 18, 2018

Cornish band ENNOR create an ode to the old land with their latest release.

A DEEP voice is humming on the wind. The air is thin and cold, but jangling and bright guitar melodies call in the sun to shine down on the beach below you.

Wistful “oohs” and “aahs” from the vocals layer themselves like clouds to fill the previously eerie landscape with a hopeful mist. The smooth chorus of voices are calming; they’re carefully coaxing the gentle tide out from its hiding place. Slowly the water comes into view, touching the beach oh so slightly with every new guitar melody and striking of chords. You’ve been staring blissfully at the sparkling ocean before you for what feels like mere seconds, but it’s been so much longer. Each note, each melody in the song passes the time quicker and quicker – it’s hard to believe in its entirety the track lasts four minutes.

A speeding guitar, full of the classic rock charm in its warbling tone, charges across the landscape, gripping tight the hands of a thriving drum pattern. All of a sudden you’re running towards the sea, desperate for a taste of the welcoming waves. ENNOR make you feel as though you are five again, out on your summer holiday trip to the beach and ready to learn how to swim.

The beach of Cornwall is a curious topic for a song, but ENNOR have a medieval magic that enchants each trembling guitar strum and lightly breaking vocal, as they celebrate their home town. It’s a charmingly nostalgic sound that the band seem to create, bursting with passionate melodies and driving vocal chants that not only show, but convince, you of the place’s beautiful charisma.

The Guitars slow, and drums mellow as you look out, immersed in the subtle waves of water, at the horizon and smile.