MUSIC PREVIEW: Neon Moon by Matthew Callow

Posted On 20 Nov 2017
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A gay love story – two men who meet in a bar, fall in love but cannot be together….by Matthew Callow.

Neon Moon is a gay love song and the title track of the new album by British synth-pop artist Matthew Callow.

The album is due for release early in 2018 and features forty fives minutes of original material.

Matthew will be touring the UK in 2018 promoting Neon Moon with performances confirmed at gay prides, summer festivals and alternative events around the country.

He says: “I have a very eclectic taste in music and I have tried to include elements of the sounds I’ve enjoyed in my favourite artists in my music. I love the bouncy rhythms of the Pet Shop Boys, Lisa Gerrard’s strong operatic vocals, Björk’s unique use of vocal effects and the euphoric sounds achievable with new pieces of software. It is important to me to try to create something unique, but at the same time recognisable and easy to listen to.

”I suppose it could be called a mystical type of dance music. I want my lyrics to be happy, optimistic and positive. Music can change people’s feelings very powerfully. I always listen to bright, upbeat music while I work and this gives me more energy. I think for people living in places like the UK, where it is dark during the winter months and you can feel you are lacking energy, playing music can have a dramatic and positive effect.”

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