MUSIC PREVIEW: ‘Don’t Say His Name’ – TIN

Besi Besemar November 26, 2018

Sex Heals the Heartbreak – Australian pop singer songwriter, TIN, turns a failed Grindr date into his latest deliciously catchy single.

MANY songwriters express their broken relationships in many different ways whether it be a vengeful Taylor Swift-like ode or a sombre Adele-like ballad.

Australian pop singer songwriter, TIN, has chose a different path to express his feelings, and it is certainly NSFW (Not safe for work).

Fresh off a Pride Festival Tour across the UK (and a sneaky show in Denmark too), his latest single titled Don’t Say His Name was penned in response to a failed date that he had with a boy on Grindr, with lyrics talking about sleeping with other men while still thinking of the said Grindr boy which is translated into a brand new video.

 In the three minutes of what could be an amateur soft-core porno, we follow TIN as he has a one night stand, during which time, the boy in question changes back and forth between two contrasting characters.

TIN says: “I wanted to translate not just the sexuality of the song but the struggle in it too. On the surface it seemed like I was having fun but deep down I was upset that I’d messed up so bad. It’s meant to be tongue in cheek. The song is about heartbreak but I am also intending to talk about a subject that is usually taboo, yet we all do it!”

Don’t Say His Name is out now on Spotify and Apple Music and the music video is now on YouTube.