International Scene from the Sofa – Five minutes with… BOHEMME

Graham Robson April 21, 2020

Madrid-based drag act BOHEMME is a character created with lots of TLC. Drawn from dark, dramatic fantasy characters, she can be quite serious and dry but brings glorious wigs, killer heels and looks to many of Madrid’s top drag bars! Here, she talks to Graham Robson about what makes her tick and what she’s been feasting on online…

Hey Bohemme, tell us a bit about yourself… and Madrid!

Bohemme has the biggest heart and is really just a pussy cat!  I don’t think Madrid is typically recognised as much as it should be for its drag scene that houses so many eclectic talents ranging from beauty queens to contortionists. When lockdown has finished, I’ll be waiting for you all with a sangria!

In the meantime, give me a follow – Instagram: @albertbohemme, Facebook: @bohemme, Twitter: @albertbohemme

What have you been up to online? 

I’ve not done any online performances yet as sooooooo many of my drag sisters are doing them and I have been enjoying watching them in action as I don’t always get to see them live!

Apart from that I have been cooking and cleaning and looking after my new puppy! We have been on lockdown for a month here in Spain with more restrictions than in the UK!

Seen any good stuff on the inter web? 

Oh so many good performances! I have been loving Mary Mac’s lockdown that she’s doing in Lanzarote on a Sunday! Kika Lorace and Supremme De Luxe have done amazing live videos too! Also on a Sunday there is a drag festival online where around 15 drags do an online festival from around 6pm-1am on their Instagrams – so we don’t get bored!

Any tips to keep us from going bonkers during lockdown? 

Start to do the little things that we always put off! Clean your flat, cook your favourite meal, read a book, look after yourself, FaceTime friends all over the world! It’s the little things that will help and we will all start to see things in a different way. But… social distance always!

What are your plans for when this is all over?

To get back on the stage! Find my heels and my wig and give it everything. Continue to work hard and better myself every day!

What do you miss the most? 

Apart from my daily whiskys?! Haha! I miss the people that I work with on a daily basis… even though our group chat in WhatsApp is more alive than ever!

I miss seeing the public who come and see us night after night that are now more like friends than customers.

Any words of wisdom to keep us going?

Don’t get disheartened! We are all living a totally new experience, but each day is one day less until we see each other again. Look after yourself, pour a ‘bevvy’, stay home, wash your hands and social distance!

Un beso 💋 BOHEMME!