Eurovison 2021 to go ahead

Alex Klineberg February 5, 2021

Eurovison is kind of like the gay Super Bowl. It’s the campest show on earth and it somehow seems to get camper every year. Eurovision has strong Brighton links. The most famous Eurovision stars of all were ABBA, naturally. They stormed to victory in 1974 with Waterloo at the Brighton Dome. No other act from the show has come close to matching their success. Indeed, most acts are lucky to manage more than one hit. Their moment in the sun may be brief but it’s often glorious.

Every year, the gays tune in with a full fridge of prosecco at the ready. This year seemed like it would be an exception, but alas, the gay gods have spoken and they have decreed that Eurovison 2021 to go ahead.“The Eurovision Song Contest will definitely make its welcome return this May despite the pandemic but, in the prevailing circumstances, it is regrettably impossible to hold the event in the way we are used to,” the organisers have confirmed.

Big screaming crowds are clearly not going to be a feature. Expect a streamlined Eurovision in 2021. That being said, without the energy of the crowd, the performers may have to compensate by making their performances even more camp and ridiculous than usual. You can get that prosecco order in – you’ll need it.

With the UK finally making Brexit official, it’s unlikely that our European friends will be inclined to do us any favours (“Nul Points!”). Eurovision acts like a microcosm of European politics. Expect lots of subtly coded messages from the performers and passive aggressive insights from the commentators. Just don’t expect to hear a peep from Madonna Ciccone.

Eurovision will go ahead in 2021 – 18, 20, and 22 May.