DJ Profile: Lee Harris

Queen Josephine March 13, 2018

Queenie catches up with a lovely fella who’ll definitely have you dancing and prancing throughout 2018.

Whether it’s in London, Dublin, Southampton, Portsmouth or Sydney blooming Australia, Lee Harris is the man to put a definite spring in your step. Or should that be Steps?

Hello – how are you? I’m great, thanks! Work’s very busy and life’s very good and exciting for 2018, plus last year was good for productions including my own Get Together and Freaky People on Queen House Music.”

Where can we hear you DJing in 2018? “NYE is all about Beyond at Fire, I’ll be playing alongside the fab Steve Pitron and Tony English amongst the Fire faithful! I have a great new residency with Daddi in Dublin along with London hotspots, Village and Comptons. Down South Mondays at Hampshire Boulevard in Portsmouth and Wednesdays at The Edge in Southampton are going very well and I’ll be going to Mardi Gras in Sydney in 2018 too! I also produce my own podcast, HouseNation UK, Lee Harris, available to you lovely people on iTunes and Spotify…”

What are you playing these days? “As I always say I don’t have a type – one party I could be playing disco, the next full on 130bpm tribal house. I’m very flexible, as many will know, ha ha ha!”

Fave song of all time? “The Animals House Of The Rising Sun, I could listen to it again and again. I’ve only just learnt it’s about a brothel!”

Ultimate NYE gig and best ever gig? “I really enjoying my gigs with Orange Nation playing for We, Beyond and Matinee so Circuit Festival in Barcelona or Madrid Pride would be my ideal. Hopefully I’ll be ticking off Sydney in 2018 too!”

Tune you wish you’d never played? “So, so many, but they’re usually ones that aren’t mastered and always sound great when you buy them from Beatport. When drunk usually.”

Guilty pleasure? “I love my 90s’ pop groups: S Club, Steps, I could go on. Yep, sorry.
New Year’s resolution? To maybe calm down a bit and spend more time indoors with my boyfriend.”

Describe yourself in three words… Crazy, honest and Aquarius.”

Lee Harris’ Current Top Five:
Lee HarrisFreaky People – Queen House
XpansionsMove Your Body (Freejak Remix) – Resurgence Music
PaganoMusic Is Moving – Kism
Esteban Lopez & Pedro PonsChildren – White
MK17 – Area 10

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