The IDENTITY Project on display at PlusX Brighton for LGBT History Month

Graham Robson February 7, 2022

The IDENTITY Project by photographer Chris Jepson, an exploration of what it means to identiy as a member of the LGBTQ+ community today, is currently on display at PlusX Brighton, which creates co-working spaces that drive business growth and innovation, community collaboration and social impact in Brighton and London, for LGBT History Month.

Kindly supported by Brighton & Hove Pride Cultural Development Fund, the black & white images encourage the viewer to look beyond the trappings of location and engage directly with the sitter. The diverse faces of LGBTQ+ people from innumerable walks of life aim to challenge the stereotypes and assumptions to dispel the myths of perceived identity.

As a multi-exhibited body of work, IDENTITY gives visibility to marginalised LGBTQ+ people promoting a diverse and inclusive community.

Chris Jepson said on Twitter: If you are heading up the Lewes Road, Brighton, do keep an eye out for my Identity Project which is currently on display ​for LGBT History Month at the brilliant Plus X Innovation Hub. Free entry – come up and see the 25 portraits of LGBTQIA people.”

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