Alex Klineberg September 1, 2021

Joseph Reuben is an emerging singer songwriter. He first came to attention several years ago with his take on Robyn’s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’. His career was almost derailed by an emergency surgical intervention that could have resulted in him never singing again. He turned his attention to composing scores for film, TV, theatre and ballet. But after years of gruelling vocal rehabilitation, Joseph is now able to step back into the spotlight and focus on his long overdue solo work.

As a composer, some of his career highlights include crafting an orchestral version of Tyla Yaweh’s hit ‘High Right Now’ for the film ‘GULLY’, which was directed by Nabil (The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, Kanye West); creating music for fashion campaigns featuring Daisy Lowe and Dita Von Teese; and even a special royal-approved production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ that was performed at Windsor Castle.

We caught up with him to find out more. He describes his latest single DREAMLAND a “nostalgic and emotive song about not being able to let go of a past relationship and living in my own dreamland.”

“My inspirations are all over the place. I’m a massive film composer fan. Composers like Bernard Hermann, Les Baxter, Hans Zimmer, Philip Glass to more pop artists like Lana Del Rey, Woodkid, James Blake. Artists that create in their own way. Those are the kind of artists that I am inspired by.”

At the end of 2020, Joseph launched the month-long Song A Day project.  “I wrote a song everyday for one month. At the end of each week I shared a playlist with my fans of each of the songs allowing them to vote for their favourite songs that would eventually be released at the end of the project.”

Did almost losing his voice give him a renewed appreciation for music? “I appreciate the fact that I can sing every single day and don’t for a second take that for granted. It’s been a long journey to gain my confidence back and finally believe I can actually do this again. I’m at a great place and full of gratitude.”

Joseph lives quite an international life, as you’ll notice on his Instagram. Where does he consider to be home? ” I feel very much at home in both London and NYC. I was born in London so when I’m there I mostly have my head down and spend most of my time in the studio. Then I’m more sociable and feel more alive when I’m in NY. I love living between different cities. Each offers a different energy and pace of life.”

You can follow Joseph on Instagram.

And on Spotify too.