First look at new queer drama, HipBeat

Graham Robson January 25, 2022

Mother Earth Films, in association with FC Films and Castle Matrix Productions, have released the new trailer and poster for their new LGBTQ+ drama HipBeat, which has been acquired by Indie Rights and will be available on digital download in the UK from February 14.

Based on true events, HipBeat is a narrative film that contains moments of realism – protests in Berlin provided inspiration. The film tells the story of a political activist fighting against the system while searching for love in the Berlin queer community.

Inspired by the films of Jean Luc Goddard, John Cassevetees, Sidney Lumet, Martin Scorcese and Steve McQueenHipBeat incorporates real elements of  LGBTQ+ lived experience into its plot.

The film stars many promising actors, including: Marie Céline Yildirim (Tatort, Pencil Knife Baton), Beatrix Michelet (Pink City), Andriana Manfredi (Another Girl, Days of Our Lives), while Filip Süt Rutkowski, Judy LaDivina and Helmut Wößner all make their acting debut. Samuel Kay Forrest, writer and director, also stars in the film.

A release circulated this month said: “Extraordinarily, the crew were arrested whilst making the film at anti-facist protests, which is a testament to the threat of democracy in the modern world. Universally, there is a heightened feeling of political unrest and those involved in the film’s production wanted to encapsultate this feeling.”