FILM REVIEW: NQV Media presents Upon Her Lips

Brian Butler May 24, 2021

The latest film anthology from NQV Media has one outstanding piece, among a group of short films which explore burgeoning  or past lesbian relationships.


The Brazilian short film Piscina (The Pool) is a fascinating and unexpected story of Claudia, who with her wife and their newly adopted child, seeks out a reclusive friend of her recently dead grandmother. What unfolds, in Marlene’s secret bunker, converted from a long disused swimming pool is a love story across the ages – once forbidden and now recollected through the tears and years. It touches on the sorrow of separation, the dreadful legacy of the Holocaust and the nature of modern love. It’s moving and lovingly filmed.

The rest of the collection is:


Fake It (Israel), where photographer Zohar decides to recreate the ups and downs of her now ended relationship with girlfriend Ela as the subject of an exhibition. Does love lead to separation or vice-versa? It’s sharp and edgy.


Tumbling Birds (Germany). Svenja’s childhood is ending. She’s a loner, the butt of horrific tricks played by her schoolmates, led by the charismatic but dangerous Janine. When Svenja befriends first the school janitor with his rooftop pigeon collection and then is accepted by Janine, the path leads to tragedy.


Among The Mermaids (France). Marion has a group of fun-loving girls she hangs out with. They’re obsessed with present and potential boyfriends but how will they  take it when she tells them of her secret girlfriend? A quirky, funny and feisty little film.


Everything In Between (Sweden) is an atmospheric analysis of a love affair and the minutiae of all its rituals but what remains apart from the memory of it?

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