All You Need Is Love: Romain Berger’s provocative photography to be exhibited at the Ledward Centre

April 26, 2023

Provocative and kitsch are two of many ways that you can describe Romain Berger‘s photography. Utilising elaborate set designs and vibrant lighting, Romain plays with stereotypes of the gay male community, contrasting public image with what happens in private: “The married man who sleeps with boys, the businessman drinking his whisky in front of a naked man, denouncing patriarchy,” he explains. “In my work, it is the man who becomes the object.”

Romain lives in Rennes, a city in the west of France. He studied film, however faced difficulty finding a job in filmmaking. He bought a camera and discovered a passion for photography, realising that he could capture the stories he wanted to tell in a single frame.

Donnez leur de la brioche

About his influences, Romain says that “Since I was a teenager, I was a big fan of photographer David Lachapelle’s images, without ever knowing that he would be one of my great inspirations for the rest of my career. I also love James Bidgood, who was a pioneer of homoeroticism and who unfortunately never managed to make a living from his work. It’s also a tribute to him that I’m working hard to make it happen and change people’s minds.”

After winning a competition in May 2021, Romain’s photos were shown at the famous Schwules Museum in Berlin, the world’s first museum dedicated to LGBTQ+ history. There is also a book, Life’s a Cabaret, a retrospective of his work between 2018 and 2022. His work is also published in the book SEX UTOPIA, an anthology of 70 artists from across the world.
The All You Need Is Love exhibition will be at the Ledward Centre, 14a Jubilee St, Brighton BN1 1GE from 5pm on Monday, May 15 until Wednesday, June 21. This is the first time Romain’s work has been exhibited in Brighton. For more info on his work, CLICK HERE